Public COVID-19 PCR Testing

• As part of a vaccine policy or mandate.

• To satisfy a travel requirement, unless you are a temporary foreign worker returning to your country of origin or are travelling into and out of remote/isolated First Nation and Indigenous communities for work purposes.

• For entry to a private venue, event or gathering which requires a negative test result to enter.

To find out if you are eligible, please refer to the list provided by the Ministry of Health.

Important: If you are looking for a symptomatic or asymptomatic test, you must book an appointment prior to receiving a test. Testing will not be provided to individuals without a pre-booked appointment. Masks are mandatory for all individuals picking up a COVID-19 test.

If you require a negative COVID-19 test for international travel clearance purposes, please visit our International Outbound Travel COVID-19 Testing page.

You can request an appointment online through our COVID-19 Public PCR Test appointment webpage. Patients must complete the online screening request form to request a COVID-19 appointment. When you make an appointment, you will be asked to drive up to our back door at your scheduled time and not earlier and will be directed how to complete your test. You will be required to wear a mask at all times during your pick-up and drop-off of your test. Additional information on your appointment will be communicated by the pharmacy at time of booking.

Patients who present their green health card at the time of their test will be able to obtain their test results online, through the Ministry of Health’s access portal. The Pharmacy team and Public Health will contact all patients with positive results.

Tests will be processed at a lab selected by the Ministry of Health. The turnaround time typically ranges from 24-72 hours for the results to be uploaded by the lab and shared with the Pharmacy, but this is dependent on the volume of tests being processed.


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